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Maja Pivec, Ana Passos, Claudio Dondi (document) and Etelberto, the organizing committee presidency of the GREAT Lisbon Conference on Games&TEL is convene to join us for an emotional and sharefull moment for the future of learning in Europe.

To have contact with the GBL method is to know the new trends in Europe (and, come to discover, in the world) on the development of structured learning development of behavioral skills using digital fun games. (Designed to break away from serious games or gaming).

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eLearning trends in EU 2020. What will be?

Content Development - 13.2%
Contexts Development - 31.6%
Digital Devices Choices - 18.4%
Trainers / Teachers Change - 31.6%
The voting for this poll has ended on: September 8, 2014